July 7, 2014

BMW Announces 2015 Updates

BMW Motorrad announced revisions for their 2015 model lineup. Most of the announcement was new paint colors- but other highlights include a new K1300S Motorsport edition and mechanical updates for the R1200GS.

The special K1300S (right) will feature a special paint scheme plus an Akropovic exhaust and HP wheels and foot pegs.

New colors for most models will be introduced along with a few mechanical improvements. The R1200GS and GS Adventure will have a new crankshaft with larger counterweights. The Adventure will also be offered with the lower seat and suspension option from the standard GS. The K1600GT and GTL will be available with a new safety package that includes traction control, daytime running lights and a hill start control.

Certain models will also now be offered with a keyless start option and Shift Assistant Pro. According to BMW's press release...

Keyless Ride new for R 1200 GS / GS Adventure, R 1200 RT and K 1600 GT / GTL for maximum user-friendliness. 
For the first time, the BMW Motorrad Keyless Ride System now optionally replaces the conventional ignition lock in the R 1200 GS / GS Adventure, the R 1200 RT and the K 1600 GT / GTL. This means that it is no longer necessary to use a regular key. Unlocking and locking of the steering lock, ignition, fuel filler flap and storage compartments (R 1200 RT and K 1600 GT / GTL) is carried out using a transponder integrated in the key. The key can therefore remain in the rider's clothes, for example. As soon as the key is located within the vehicle reception area (distance < 2 metres), the steering lock can be briefly unlocked after successful authentication by briefly pressing the button. The steering lock is locked by keeping the button pressed down and placing the handlebars in end position. The ignition is activated by briefly pressing the button or keeping the button pressed down after releasing the steering lock. The ignition is switched off by means of a short or long press of the button. To open the fuel tank, the lever of the fuel filler flap is simply raised. The fuel filler flap can be opened when the motorcycle has been electrically unlocked. The fuel tank is closed by simply pressing the fuel filler flap shut. The alarm system (DWA) is automatically activated when the ignition is switched off and the steering lock is closed, as soon as the key leaves the reception area. However, the alarm system can also be activated manually.

Shift Assistant Pro for gear shifts virtually without torque interrupt as a new special equipment feature for the R 1200 GS / GS Adventure. 
The Shift Assistant Pro enables the rider to shift up and down without activating the clutch or throttle valve in the relevant load and engine speed ranges, giving the rider additional comfort as well as increased dynamic performance. Most shifts can be carried out using the shift assistant; one exception here is setting off, for example. When accelerating, the throttle valve no longer has to be closed for shifts, so propulsion power is virtually constant without torque interrupt. When decelerating and shifting down (throttle valve closed), the engine speed is automatically adapted by means of double-declutching. Gears are engaged as usual by means of the gear pedal. Shift time is significantly reduced as compared to a gearshift using the clutch. However, the Shift Assistant Pro is not an automatic transmission, it simply provides gear shift support. When the Shift Assistant Pro is used for gear shifts, the cruise control is deactivated for safety reasons.

Look for these new models and options at a dealer near you in August 2014.

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